about us

Our aim is to address and transform conflict in a positive and creative way.

In immediate situations of conflict we provide dispute resolution processes, such as mediation, that are fast and cost-effective alternatives to legal action


We believe that individuals thrive in situations where they feel they belong, they are safe, and their contribution is valued. Creating and maintaining such environments requires commitment and skill but where these environments exist, people function well together as communities.

Conflict can represent one of the biggest challenges to strong communities however it can also provide opportunities for positive change. We use our range of skills to help individuals, groups and organisations handle conflict successfully.

We provide a range of restorative processes and training to help build stronger, more inclusive and caring communities and therefore develop positive environments, where people’s basic needs are addressed and can be sustained. This in turn maximises emotional wellbeing, job satisfaction, productivity and community cohesion. Strong communities are likely to experience fewer disputes and/or be able to address these more effectively.

In keeping with our belief in the benefits that restorative practices deliver, and as a way of giving back to the wider community, adjust devotes 10% of its earnings to supporting pro bono work.