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Disagreements and conflict in the workplace are unfortunately all too common in today’s high pressure work environment. The effects can be extremely damaging to the individuals concerned as well as to the business itself.

Restorative approaches can be used within a diverse range of workplace settings in both the public and private sector with great success, both in addressing immediate situations of conflict and in enabling both teams and individuals to work together more harmoniously.

Restorative approaches in the workplace can:

  • be used within existing discipline and grievance systems;
  • provide a safe environment for the expression of emotion/anger;
  • bring together all those affected by conflict in the workplace;
  • resolve conflict creatively and positively;
  • allow the use of creative ways to allow everyone involved to find a positive way forward;
  • provide the opportunity to rebuild damaged relationships;
  • allow participants to arrive at a shared understanding;
  • rebuild working relationships and strengthen team working.

Our experience shows that individuals are more likely to cooperate or trust in a process, regardless of the outcome, if that process is fair and equitable. Whenever a restorative approach is used, there is a strong emphasis on the importance of having a good process in place, as opposed to just focusing on the outcome itself.

Restorative approaches can be used in a wide range of conflicts in the workplace including:

  • emotional and verbal abuse;
  • harassment;
  • intimidation;
  • bullying.