A facilitator is someone that makes progress easier!

Any group working together can benefit from the support of a facilitator, and the facilitator will be most effective when they are neutral and experienced. Where a group is faced with significant challenges, tough decisions, complex changes, and so on, the value of an external and neutral facilitator is much greater. The facilitator’s role may vary from concentration around a single meeting, or in developing a programme to assist with a larger project or challenge.

Good facilitation requires intensive and skilled forward planning, as well as professional and knowledgeable management of group sessions. There are a huge range of factors to be considered, including the particular context of the client group. In addition, a good facilitator has a large “tool kit” of techniques and methods they can draw on to assist a group to work at its very best.

adjust has extensive experience in this area, working with clients to develop processes that fully deliver on their objectives.