Mediation is an effective, confidential process for resolving disputes. It is a recognised alternative to conventional legal approaches.

A neutral mediator provides a tailored process where parties in dispute voluntarily explore all the issues involved, and work together to develop a satisfactory resolution. The parties involved decide whether any agreement(s) reached are legally binding or not. Agreements reached in mediation are more likely to be viable, sustainable and satisfactory because they are developed and agreed by the parties themselves. (If agreement is not reached, the parties retain their ability to pursue more formal legal processes.)

Mediation can provide further benefits, including:

  • the ability for parties to review any agreement and make revisions as necessary;
  • the repair and strengthening of relationships;
  • the opportunity for parties to recognise their own ability to resolve any future disputes.

Disputes arise in all manner of settings; within families, in communities, schools and workplaces, between and within organisations, groups, and State agencies. While not all disputes are suitable for mediation, the vast majority are. adjust advises clients on their individual situation, and will deliver a process that is appropriate to that specific case.

Peer Mediation

Peer mediation involves a mediator that resembles those involved in the dispute in some significant way, such as being of similar age, or gender, attending the same school, or having a similar status within a business.

There is evidence that peers can relate better to disputants and may be better equipped to assist in supporting them to resolve disputes. In some cases, the immediate availability of peer mediation indicates a significant and persistent reduction in levels of conflict.

At adjust we recognise the importance of peer mediators in a range of settings, but particularly in schools and other youth contexts. We deliver training and support to establish and foster peer mediator programmes, and are happy to discuss the potential for such a scheme with clients.