Conflicts between neighbours can arise from a huge range of causes. Unfortunately, these disputes often spiral out of control and can drag on for years, sometimes to the point where those involved cannot remember what caused the disagreement in the first place. The emotional costs are enormous and they can severely affect the quality of life for all involved.

Using restorative approaches to resolve neighbour disputes is a highly effective, time efficient, non-legal intervention. Staff equipped with restorative skills are better placed to manage conflict in an appropriate and professional manner. Those responsible for causing harm come to realise the impact of their behaviour upon others and those harmed have a more positive outlook for the future.

Restorative justice can be applied to all forms of neighbour nuisance including:

• noise nuisance • verbal abuse • criminal damage
• pet nuisance • bullying / harassment • child behaviour
• intimidation • drunken behaviour • damage to property
• untidy property • rubbish & fly-tipping • violence/ threats of violence