victims of crime

Restorative approaches essentially involve both the victims of crime as well as the offenders, and can provide strong and lasting benefits for those who choose to engage in the process.

Being involved in a restorative process can give you a chance to have your say, to explain to the person who harmed you what the real impact and consequences of their behaviour has been, to get answers to questions and provide some closure and hopefully the opportunity to move forward positively with your life.

Before any restorative meeting is considered, adjust will meet with all parties to ensure that it is in their interest to participate in the process. No party should feel pressured into participating in a restorative process if they don’t want or don’t feel ready and a risk assessment is carried out to ensure that it is safe to proceed. Only if the process is thought to offer benefit to those involved will a meeting be offered. This is essential to ensure a positive and, more importantly, safe process.